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March 13, 2019

A Typical Day On Safari

An adventure filled with the unexpected!

Your wake-up call comes hours before the sun rises, so you can experience tracking nocturnal hunters such as leopards and lions when they-re on the prowl, before the heat of the day kicks in. After a quick cup of coffee, you embark on a three- to four- hour game walk or drive with a super-knowledgeable ranger and tracker. During this time you-ll be able to take your greatest dream of spotting n animal in the wild and multiple it by a hundred. Your see not just one elephant, but a dozen, from a playful baby to a two-story bull knocking over bushes with a shake of its head. Spot  regal gemsbok, with its slender, scimitar-like horns, and understand how they may have inspired tales of the fabled unicorn. the roar of a male lion, a few yards from the safari vehicle, leaves you nearly breathless.

Return to camp for  freshly cooked breakfast followed by a nature walk with a ranger. After lunch, take a nap at the height of the midday heat or go for a swim. Then, following afternoon tea, you-re off on an evening safari drive that includes a stop for a sundowner (a cocktail enjoyed as the sun sets). Back at your lodge or campsite, enjoy dunner under the southern constellations- a completely different array of stars from what you see at home. Then it’s off to bed and dreams of the wildlife that you-ll encounter tomorrow.

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A Typical Day on Safari

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