Kruger National Park

The diversity sheer density of wildlife makes Kruger National Park an unforgettable and potentially life-changing experience.

Discover the Big 5!Kruger National Park

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South Africa is probably one of the most popular countries on the continent. Nelson Mandela made sure the whole world paid attention to that nation. But besides the political issues, there are so many reasons and attractions to visit this country, but certainly, an important one is the Kruger National Park. Kruger National Park is one of the world’s largest game reserves and a truly remarkable destination. Owing to its exceptional size, visitors are able to experience fantastic diversity – from changing scenery and ecosystems to an impressive array of animals, plant life and birdlife. The park is home to over 130 mammals and over 500 bird species. Visitors can look forward to learning about the area’s prehistoric past, enjoying a host of accommodation options, and viewing abundant wildlife including the famed Big Five. The diversity sheer density of wildlife makes Kruger National Park an unforgettable and potentially life-changing experience.

What is Kruger National Park?

This is a 20,000 sq-Km field, located in the Northeast of the country, with an extension of 220 miles from the north to the south and 40 from the east to the west. This is one of the most famous parks in the whole nation because it was the first to be named National Park -back in 1926- and because it is one of the largest game reserves in the entire continent.

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What Makes Kruger National Park Unique?

As you can see, this park has a long history. Also, this is the home of countless animal species -including the Big 5 game-, breeds, and vegetation, which is why thousands of tourists visit the park in the first place.

Its location, wildlife, flora, sunsets, landscapes, and many other reasons called the attention of the UNESCO at some point in time and that’s precisely why the Intergovernmental organization decided to give the area from Kruger to Canyons Biosphere the title of “International Man and Biosphere Reserve,” one of the highest recognition’s in the world.

Why Visit Kruger National Park?

There are plenty of reasons to visit this incredible park. Part of the people prefers to go for animal wildlife, others because of the flora and some just to take a bunch of the most amazing pictures in the entire world. However, there are other reasons you may want to visit Kruger National Park:

Supporting the efforts to conserve the park

Maintaining such a large park is incredibly difficult. Contrary to what many people think, visitors are one of the main components that help with this aspect. Thanks to the increased economy, authorities can take appropriate action and prevent endangered species from going extinct.

Adventure, sunsets, and pictures

There’s no better way to plan a great adventure than coming to one of the places where all started and experience being in the presence of lions or rhinos. Besides, the park has one of the best sunsets in the world. All of these are the perfect combo to take amazing pictures and photos.

Whatever it is your reason to visit the park, you can be certain that it will be an unforgettable trip.

Three elephants

What to Expect on a Kruger National Park Safari?

One of the best parts about this park is that you don’t have to lower your expectations when it comes to visiting it. Here are a couple of things you can expect to see when you go on a Safari in the Kruger National Park.


This is one of the few places in the world that holds 5 different vegetation zones, ranging from wooded to semi-deserted areas. So, those who are interested in nature can see the impressive Baobab trees, the most incredible flowers and much more.

The Big 5 game

In South Africa, there are not many places -besides this park- to see certain popular animals, especially the Big 5 game. The lion, the leopard, the rhino, the elephant and the Cape buffalo are the five animals that make up this group. This is probably the main reason why many people think this park is unique.

Birding or bird-watching

This place homes over 500 different types of birds, including the Big 6. Even though you can see a part of them in other places, there are some local species you won’t be able to see unless you visit the park.


Things to Do in Kruger National Park:

There are countless activities to do in the Kruger National Park and it will basically depend on your likes how you want to enjoy your adventure. If you are looking for some inspiration, here are a couple of great things you can do during your visit.

  • Go for bush and river walks
  • Schedule a game drive everywhere
  • Visit the hippos at the Marula region
  • Take a look at the lions in the Nkayeni region
  • Delight your eyes with the landscapes of the Wolhuter trail in the Marula region
  • Check the red rocks of the Nxanatseni region
  • Visit the Albasini ruins
  • Talk with locals and ask them about the story of how it all begins -some people think this was the place where humans were first created.

When is The Best Time to Go to Kruger National Park?

Kruger National Park is beautiful all year long, but it is probably best to go on the beginning of the dry season, which ranges from May to September. During these periods, you won’t only avoid the rainfall but also the temperature is most pleasant, around 80 degrees during the day and 40 degrees at night. Also, this time of the year is optimal for game sightings since wildlife tend to congregate around waterholes and rivers.

Besides, water levels are not as high. This will increase your chances of spotting some of the most magnificent animals in the region, yet you won’t suffer as much from the driest months, which go from July to September.

You can also go from October to March, but you have to be aware there are lots of rainstorms and foliage that makes it harder to check some specific animals. On the bright side, you’ll probably take much better pictures as this is the time when landscapes are most beautiful.

As you can see, the Kruger National Park is just overwhelming with history, adventure, animals, vegetation and basically everything you should experience. Up until now, nobody has ever thought about leaving this park. It is beautiful, charming, romantic and more.

So, what are you waiting for? Live a little and schedule a trip to this place. Experience everything you can and tell us what you think about it. You can trust that you definitely won’t regret it.


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