First Steps in Safari Travel Planning!

1. Decide on Destinations and select your safari experience

Here at Safari Ventures, we provide maps – both general and detailed – that will help you become more familiar with the Destinations that you find most desirable. By selecting those destinations, you will be introduced to our featured tours that have a variety of routes and If there are a number of guests in your party.

2. Number of travelers in your party

Safari Ventures specializes in hosting corporate functions, professional associations and family reunions. Our attitude is to invite your family and friends to join you in this memorable and for some – a life-changing experience. Just let your travel consultant know an approximate number in your group, and if you prefer, Safari Ventures will extend the invitation on your behalf.

3. Preferred schedule for departure

After you’ve determined who’s joining you on the Safari Venture’s tour, simply reach a consensus as to the timing for your dream getaway. For our North American guests, we offer direct routes to Africa, but with two days allocated for travel, we recommend a minimum of a ten-day tour. We have found that tours of a shorter duration are too superficial and cannot begin to capture the magic of the countries, its people, wildlife and scenery.

4. An ideal budget

The purchasing power of Safari Ventures, with our 40 years of experience in Africa, creates unique savings for our guests. Whether you are looking for a Scheduled tour that is more structured or an Adventure tour where the sky is the limit, you can count on Safari Ventures to deliver the greatest value, service and overall experience – either through a travel agent, on-line or booking directly.

5. Consider options and extensions

Many of our guests enjoy the flexibility of adding options or extensions to their tours, before, during and after their scheduled travel with Safari Ventures. This works particularly well for corporations and family reunions where our individual guests have different holiday schedules and/or budgets and want to get the most out of their African experience without placing a burden on others. The majestic Victoria Falls, the exotic spice island of Zanzibar and the allure of Mauritius or Seychelles are excellent examples of 3-5 day extension opportunities. If you are a golf or water sport enthusiast, then we can book special reservations within your tour to enjoy the world’s finest options. Exclusive spa resorts, private vineyard accommodations, hot air ballooning and equestrian trail rides are other examples of our rich option packages.

Tips to Planning a Safari Adventure
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