Top Tips when going on an African Safari

Planning Your Adventure!Top African Safari Tips

Be open-minded and flexible

Ever safari trip is unpredictable and unique

Learn more about the best time to go.

Travel with your best camera gear and take lots of photos

Make sure to pack extra memory cards and batteries and charge them every time you can. You can always delete only keep the best picture afterwards
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Pack light

Try to take a soft-sided luggage or duffel bag and pack light especially if traveling on small planes. Also, we prepared for you luggage to get dirty from traveling.

Drink plenty of water and bring light snacks

While on safari or traveling from lodges, it may be difficult to find something to eat

Other essentials to bring

Sunscreen, sunglasses, binoculars, mosquito repellent, first-aid kit
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Don't pack too many clothes and dress light

While on safari, weather can get very cold or hot. Always dress in layers. Wear comfortable clothes, preferable in neutral colors.

Be prepared to wake up early

Animals are active in the morning and the evening. The midday sun is simply too hot for them to do very much else other than lay in the shade.
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