Must-Do Things on Your Next African Safari Trip: Complete Checklist for Fun!

Discover Africa!Must-Do Things on Your Next African Safari Trip:
Complete Checklist for Fun!

Fun activities to do on your next trip!
African dinner experience

Research shows that over 5.1 million tourists visit Africa’s beautiful deserts and vast cities to glance at its magical landscapes and exciting wildlife. And for good reason!

The expansive African Safari promises a once-in-a-lifetime adventure packed with the thrill of a game drive and the excitement of flying on a hot air balloon. Most travelers enjoy various safari activities, like walking, biking, horse riding, kayaking, and canoeing.

Ensure maximum fun on your trip to the African Safari by adding the must-try activities to your bucket list! Below we’ve compiled the top eight things that will enhance your safari lifetime experience:

Unleash Your Inner Daredevil with Safari Game Drives

Kickstart your adventure in the African wildlife by signing up for an exciting game drive! These involve an open or closed (with a pop-top) wheel safari vehicle with three rows of seats behind the driver. Most cars limit occupancy to six tourists, so everyone has a window seat.

Your safari specialist guide will have extensive experience and knowledge of the local area and game movement. So, as you drive through the stupefying wildlife, your driver will expose you to the secrets of beautiful nature. The guide may even select a vehicle with removable windows or canopies to offer an open feel and better access to photography.

Typically, game drives depart at dawn or late afternoon when it’s cooler, and you’re likelier to encounter wildlife hunting and grazing. Some parks also offer night game drives where you can enjoy enrapturing landscapes and nocturnal animals. Your safari driver will help you get closer to the big game to get a better look at the fascinating wildlife.

African safari lions
River rafting at Victoria falls
Explore the Unknown by Canoeing, Kayaking, and Rafting

In safaris with rivers, lakes, and flood channels, you can discover wildlife while gliding downstream in various crafts. Whether you go canoeing, kayaking, rafting, or boating, you can catch a sneak peek at the hippos, crocodiles, and other wildlife that spends its time in the murky waters.

Canoe safaris provide a unique and exhilarating experience where you can participate in various fun activities. From setting up your tent, gorging on delicious local food, navigating the open water, and searching for picturesque sunsets and hidden wildlife, this is an activity you cannot miss!

Gaze the Beautiful Landscapes with Balloon Safaris

Once you’ve enjoyed trekking and driving across the African safaris, it’s time to set out into the air. The hot air balloon ride offers an exceptional view of the ground and stunning sceneries as you float over the wilderness unfurling underneath you.

You’ll get a fantastic view of dunes or lush waters based on the unique safari you visit. Your balloon ride will typically start in the early morning, offering you the unique opportunity to hear the beautiful chorus of birds and gaze at the nocturnal hunters finishing off their last kill and bedding down.

African Hot Air Balloon
Reconnect with Nature by Going Horse Riding

If you’re an avid animal lover, horse, and camel riding is a must! Horse and camel riding will allow you to witness the mesmerizing African landscape and get close to its unique wildlife.

What’s more? Horse riding offers you an unmatched safari thrill and the ability to connect with the local communities. But to ensure a fun-filled and safe adventure, you must seek out established and expert horseback safari operators.

Mingle with the Locals Through Cultural Experiences

Learn more about the fascinating and enrapturing history and diversity of the expansive African continent by participating in cultural experiences. Although you’ll enjoy organic cultural experiences by being in the company of your local guide, camp, and local towns, it’s not enough!

Incorporate additional cultural visits in your safari visits to immerse yourself in the local experience. You might struggle to find touristic opportunities near excellent game views, but it’s worth the extra half an hour spent searching! If you plan to visit the Bushmen Hadza, Himba, or nearby areas, you can count on fun and educational cultural experiences.

Maasi village
bird watching
Unlock Your Creative Side by Trying Photographic Safaris

No excursion is complete without photos, whether selfies on our phones or picturesque sceneries on the latest DSLR. So, if you love capturing the beauties of wildlife through your camera’s lens, a photographic safari might be the perfect addition to your list!

Most photo workshops last four days to two weeks and involve traveling to new and exciting landscapes with an expert photographer. Therefore, you can check out various attractions, access professional advice, enjoy bird watching, and unlock the opportunity to improve your skills.

Check Out the Helicopter Safaris and the Flight of Angels

Make your visit to the African wilderness increasingly exciting by climbing in a helicopter, small charter plane, or microlight. These unique flights allow you to admire the beauty of the African safari while giving you the adrenaline rush of a life!

If you love a little adventure, you can’t miss the helicopter safaris and cruises on a microlight.

Helicopter ride over Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls
Expand Your Knowledge by Participating in Wildlife Research

If you have a keen interest in wildlife or are an avid animal lover, you’ll love the opportunity to participate in a wildlife researcher’s project. Many experts invite guests or give special lectures to showcase discoveries and hidden gems of African wildlife.

You can discuss your interests with your African safari guide so that they can tailor your itinerary to include interactions with wildlife researchers.

The Bottom Line

Make your body buzz with excitement and pump with adrenaline by incorporating the activities discussed in your to-do list! The beautiful African safaris offer tourists a one-of-a-kind and enthralling experience.

From the scenic views and relaxing birdwatching to the blood-pumping helicopter flights and canoeing, the fascinating African safari isn’t short of fun! So, grab your passport, wallet, and sunscreen; it’s time to explore the hidden wildlife of Africa!

Moreover, you can make your tour to Africa hassle-free and fun-filled by getting an itinerary tailored to your interests. Visit our website today to plan the perfect trip to the African Safari!

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